Apex Group Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary & Official Launch of New Headquarters

Celebrating 10-Year Anniversary
On the 12th of July 2022, Apex Group celebrated a full 10-years from first opening their doors, a milestone which they commemorated with the official launch of its new headquarters, speeches and a lavish red-carpet event.

After guests were welcomed in with a drink and canapés, five speakers – namely Apex Group Chairman and Director, Mr. Aaron Axiaq, Director, Ms. Claire Bellizzi, the Minister for Active Ageing, Hon. Dr. Jo Etienne Abela, Hon. Dr. Paul Malcolm Agius Galea, and COO Ms. Pamela Mizzi, each opened the evening with a series of speeches which outlined Apex Group’s achievements, strengths, and its ever-expanding significance within our community.

Headquartered in Imrieħel GPL Business Centre, Apex Group is currently one of Malta’s leading service providers, offering a wide range of community services, including healthcare and nursing, childcare, commercial cleaning, and MFHEA accredited, educational programs within Apex Academy.

10 Years Anniversary - Aaron Axiaq Speech

We wanted to create a ‘one stop shop’ for professional and ancillary services within the community, with one singular aim; that of ensuring the general well-being of our society.” – Apex Group Chairman and Director of Operations and Business Development, Mr. Aaron Axiaq.

With a “slow and steady wins the race” philosophy, what started as a small company of three employees in 2012, is now the site of three hundred workers and is looking to expand its workforce by 25% in the next year. As mentioned by Ms. Pamela Mizzi in her speech, since 2019 Apex has restructured its upper management, opened another three childcare centres, opened two new cleaning and childcare stores, expanded their range of courses in Apex Academy and finally, moved its headquarters from Żebbug to Imrieħel. In fact, this last achievement proved to be the focus of the evening as guests were invited to tour the stunning new premises.

Throughout its gradual but successful expansion, inclusivity and equality have remained foremost on this company’s agenda. This was highlighted by Ms. Pamela Mizzi as she recalled how Apex was “awarded the Equality Mark by the NCPE, the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, for all three companies, namely Apex Care, Apex Services and Apex Childcare.”

10 Years Anniversary - Ms. Claire Bellizzi Speeach

After 10 years of steady success and consistent growth – through which Apex has been awarded a total of 13 awards in the past year alone – this event marked both a celebration of past achievements and of the successes that are sure to come. As Ms. Claire Bellizzi eloquently put it: “today is a day to enjoy, it’s a day to celebrate our dedication, our passion towards our work and the vision of perfection in everything we have been assigned.

To conclude the evening with the spirit of celebration and joy it deserved, these inspiring speeches were followed by a red-carpet event catered with delicious refreshments, as well as dynamic, live entertainment provided by the talented local artist Claudia Faniello together with her band.

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