Being strong believers in life-long learning and continuous development, the company worked on establishing an academy to deliver on-going training to its employees and more. In 2019, Apex Academy was launched, with the vision of delivering tailor-made training and coaching services for both its employees and external parties.

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Why Choose Apex ?

Certified and Qualified Instructors

Dedicated Safe Environment

Tailor-made Training

Comprehensive Courses

What We Do

At Apex Academy, we provide comprehensive training in the form of accredited MQF Level 4 Course in Healthcare, First-Aid Courses, and Professional Development Courses. With over 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry and our team of qualified professionals, we are equipped to offer an exceptional level of education. 

Our vision is to become a leading academy on education and development while living up to our core values. 


This programme has been specifically designed on the National Occupational Standards issued by MFHEA. Therefore, the programme shall equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively work within a childcare, providing children between the ages of 0-3 with the most effective quality care. Learners will be exposed to different theories and different skills that they need to acquire to work effectively within the sector, as well as will be provided with a placement opportunity to further learn and put theory to practice.


This accredited course allows learners to be introduced to the world of healthcare, whilst obtaining the required formal knowledge, skills, and competences to be able to work with carers and assistant nurses. 

Anyone over the age of 16, who can communicate in English and holds a school leaving certificate can apply. The course duration is 180 contact hours and contains 11 modules on the responsibilities of caring for different patients. 


Training in first aid, CPR and the use of AED for adults, children and infants is critical for every individual especially health and education providers. A person’s life may depend on you knowing what to do in an emergency!

Apex Academy has instructors certified by the Emergency First Response Corporation, who are also experienced nurses in advanced emergency care setting.


Apex Academy provides accredited continuous development courses which can be taken by already qualified persons to keep abreast with current knowledge and practices. Some of the accredited continuous development courses include Managing Challenging Behaviour, Dementia Care and Awareness, Nutrition for Senior Citizens, Food Safety and Hygiene, Working in a Safe and Healthy Environment, Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Palliative and End of Life Care, Moving and Handling Patients with Care, The Role of the Care Worker, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, and The Person-Centred Care Approach.

Additionally, other short courses are provided for one to get acquainted with different aspects of healthcare, develop skills required in the workplace, or refresh one’s knowledge in the care industry. Some short courses topics include Ethics and Integrity/Social Responsibility, Communication Skills, Falls Management, and Continence Care.

MQF LEVEL 5 Diploma In Health and Social care management

This course shall equip learners with the relevant skills, knowledge, and competencies to be able to effectively work within the field of health and social care while holding a managerial position. It will equip them with competencies and knowledge related to quality, people management, ethical considerations, financial management, and methods of supporting the patient and ensuring their wellbeing.

Furthermore, students shall be given the option to choose two elective modules focusing on different areas, including mental health, challenging behaviour, substance abuse, and dementia care and awareness. 

MQF LEVEL 3 AWARD IN Mental health first aid

This course will help educate individuals interested in mental health and be able to support individuals struggling with mental health, either at the workplace or in everyday life.

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