Apex Group Signs Collective Agreement with the GWU & Announces Plans for Continued Growth

Apex Group inaugurated the new Apex Headquarters
On the 8th of July 2022, a press conference was held by Apex Group which outlined the local company’s exponential growth, history, and its inspiring vision for the future. A collective agreement with the GWU was signed and exciting plans for workforce expansion were revealed.

During this seminal event, we had the pleasure of hearing from four influential speakers – namely Apex Group Chairman and Director, Mr. Aaron Axiaq and Director Ms. Claire Bellizzi, the Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Land, Hon. Silvio Schembri and GWU Secretary Mr. Kendrick Bondin, each of whom outlined Apex Group’s strengths and its ever-expanding significance within our community.

Following the inspirational speeches, Hon. Silvio Schembri inaugurated our new Apex Headquarters with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

Headquartered in Imrieħel GPL Business Centre, Apex Group is currently one of Malta’s leading service providers, we offer a wide range of community services, including healthcare and nursing, childcare, commercial cleaning, and educational programs within Apex Academy.

We wanted to create a ‘one stop shop’ for professional and ancillary services within the community, with one singular aim; that of ensuring the general well-being of our society.” – Apex Group Chairman and Director of Operations and Business Development, Mr. Aaron Axiaq.

What started as a small company of three employees in 2012, is now the site of 300 workers and is looking to expand its workforce by 25% in the next year. Being a company that is committed to its employee’s well-being, Apex Group has always invested in its workforce’s welfare by ensuring employee equality and fostering an inclusive and diverse culture.

Ms. Claire Bellizzi proudly listed our inclusive ethos as part of Apex Group’s many strengths, declaring that “the Group benefits from having a choice of characteristics and diverse experiences at the heart of its employ.” She went on to assert that “it is only through this that APEX Group has been able to assure a worthy and professional service that is beneficial to the vulnerable, the elderly and the community at large.”

Apex Group signs a collective agreement with the General Workers Union

With continuous progress in mind, a collective agreement with the General Workers Union (GWU) was officially signed, which will remain in effect until December 2025. This agreement – which allows care workers engaged with Apex Care to benefit from better working conditions – was signed on behalf of the union by Secretary Mr. Kendrick Bondin and Assistant Secretary Mr. Lawrence Bugeja, while signing on behalf of the company was the Chairman and Director of Operations and Business Development, Mr. Aaron Axiaq.

Through this press conference, Apex Group demonstrated our commitment to our workers and the community alike, and we look forward to more exciting initiatives.

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