Covid-19 Vaccination – Elderly and Housebound in Malta and Gozo

We provide our nursing and driving staff.

This project is being managed by the dedicated team of Apex Group Ltd, Operations Department and Coordination Team where together they are working relentlessly to provide our professional nursing and driving staff, from Monday to Sunday, morning to evening.

On the 9th of February 2021, we started our first vaccination service within the Maltese community. To date, we have a committed team, of over twenty-five nurses and ten drivers who strive to deliver the service at one’s home. After a month of success in Malta, on the 8th of March 2021, we have started providing the Covid-19 vaccination within the Gozitan community. Again, here we did our utmost to provide a very efficient and professional nursing team who visit the elderly and housebound in their homes, to ensure that nothing hinders their ability to be vaccinated. 

Apex Group Ltd has invested in all the equipment and other resources to make sure that logistically, the services can run smoothly. Aside from our professional team who is providing the service in the community, our back office is armed by hard-working people who follow-up with our nurses and drivers, and give the necessary support and advice whenever needed.

This goes without saying, that to guarantee that all nurses have all the necessities at hand whilst on duty, a high attention to detail is required. More so, we have focused on strategies and logistics of how to optimise the use of the company cars, whilst making certain that all the clients booked for vaccination on the day are visited on time, with no vaccination going to waste.

Giovanni Vittadello – Maltese Driver: “I feel a sense of comfort in helping others, certainly during this difficult period in our country, this comfort is achieved by vaccinating the people who need it most.”

Analise Debrincat – Gozo Nurse: “My experience giving the covid vaccinations to individuals in their own household has been a very positive one. Apex made sure that I was properly instructed and immediately answered any queries I had. I feel honoured to be part of the vaccination team and giving a ray of hope to all the clients.”

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