Professionalism at the Place of Work

July 9, 2018

Being professional in your field means much more than wearing a coat and tie or possessing a college degree and a noted title. Professionalism also has to do with how you conduct yourself during work. True professionals possess a number of important characteristics that applies to any type of job.

Such characterises include:

  • Appearance
  • Politeness and well-spoken
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Ethics
  • Organizational skills
  • Accountability

On Saturday, a lecture was held by our Director of Operations and Business Development, Mr Aaron Axiaq, where he urged all the employees to implement such professionalism into their everyday work so that a professional service is offered to all our clients.  While, an introduction and distribution of Apex Group Ltd Carers Code of Conduct was launched.

The Code of Conduct sets the standard of conduct expected of healthcare care workers. It outlines the behaviour and attitudes that you should expect to experience from those workers signed up to the code. It helps them to provide safe, guaranteed care and support. 

Our Code of Conduct and practice for care workers is to date one of the most important documents at Apex Group Ltd.  Indeed, we strongly believe it is the foundation on which all our professional care practices at Apex Group Ltd are constructed and for that reason, we consider it a critical one for each of us to read, understand and apply.

Such ethical care practice includes:

  • Conduct our care in accordance with laws, rules and regulations
  • High standards of ethical care and integrity
  • Privacy and confidentiality

Apex Group Ltd encourages employees to act professional and abide by the Carers Code of Conduct on their day to day work.