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Apex Childcare Centres – Educational Development & Secure Environment

January 16, 2019

Children’s development starts the minute they are born. They have entered a colourful world of discovery where everything is new and unfamiliar.

Our Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum is based on the development and growth of all children so that they can reach their maximum potential with a sense of self worth and a zest for learning.  Our approach is a holistic one whereby we make sure that all the curriculum elements function in harmony. The curriculum also promotes healthy development by emphasizing responsive relationships, stimulating environments and learning through play.

We met up with three Childcare Managers at Apex Group. Our childcare managers are the ones who direct and lead the child carers on a day-to-day basis. They make sure to create a rich and engaging space for the children to explore whilst ensuring a healthy and safety environment.  

In our Childcare Centres, age groups vary from 4 months to 3 years of age. Each group of children is introduced differently to education, depending on their age and the mile stones already reached on their own.

We believe in learning through open-ended play and structured play activities that allow children to develop at their own pace. Whether a child is finger painting, building a block castle, or singing with other kids, s/he will increase his/ her experiences, abilities and knowledge.

Based on their vast experience in this sector, Charmaine Axiaq, Sue Vassallo and Yasmin Rababah, have provided us with some insight.

“Through our daily activities at our Childcare Centres,” says Sue Vassallo,  “we try to engage their sensory skills.  Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. The sensory activities allow children to refine their thresholds for different sensory information, whilst it also helps them support their gross motor skills, language development and problem-solving skills.”

Yasmin Rababah also points out how, “Different skills are introduced to children by means of activities.  Weather it’s painting, gluing, cooking, or singing, play is one of the best ways for children to learn. It’s important for four main reasons self-esteem, life skills, concentration, and social interaction. Children learn from everything they do so it’s great to make their little worlds as fun and stimulating as much as you can!”

“Safety plays a very important factor in our childcare centres” says Charmaine Axiaq. “Safety is an important issue because children explore their world with all their senses, including touching and mouthing anything within their reach. One must think from the child’s perspective and remove any potential hazards within their reach.”

We are confident that when parents are at work, they can always rest assured that their children are learning and thriving in a healthy and safety environment.

Apex Childcare Centres are registered in the Free Childcare Government Scheme. The Free Childcare Scheme is a system which was promised in the Government Electoral Manifesto, whereby the Government provides free childcare services to parents/guardians who work or are pursuing their education.

Visit one of our Childcare Centres and meet up with one of our Childcare Managers for more details. You can also send us an email on for more information.