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Home Care services Benefits

October 27, 2017

Given the choice, most elderly want to continue living in their own homes, rather than move into a relative's home, an assisted living facility or nursing home. However, some people begin having trouble accomplishing everyday activities like shopping, cooking, and taking care of their home or themselves as they grow older.
Some common complaints or concerns that family members and caregivers might hear include:
“The stairs are getting so hard to climb.”
“Since my wife/ husband died, I just open a can of soup for dinner.”
“Doing the laundry wears me out a lot more than it used to.”
“I don't feel very comfortable driving to the store anymore.”
While family members and friends may be poised to lend a hand, assisting with a few simple tasks takes time and can quickly grow into providing hours and hours of help each week. Fortunately, in-home care can extend a elderly independence, improve their safety and help them age in the comfort of their own home.

Support can be provided for as little as few hours a week, or it could be more intensive with a full day service or a live-in carer, where a carer will be there around the clock. Here are 5 great benefits of our service:

1) Familiar Surroundings:

The most important aspect of Apex Community Care, is that your loved one gets to remain in their own home, surrounded by their own comforts.

2) More Independence:

Having home carers doesn’t alter daily routines and your loved ones keep their independence, choosing to get up, eat, socialise and sleep when they want to.

3) Personalised Care

The care and support your loved one requires will be as individual as they are. They will receive personalised care tailored to them, their requirements and how they live their day to day life.  

4) Sharing Responsibility

For many people the first support and care they receive may be from their husband, wife or children. Many times those family members want to remain the main carer of a loved one, and with our carers support the responsibility of their care can be shared.

5) Adaptable Support 

It is understandably difficult and sometimes even a bit embarrassing to accept help for aspects of day to day life.  With Apex Community Care, your loved one can choose as little or as much support as they require. As they get more comfortable receiving assistance or if their needs change additional services can be easily added in the future.