What we do

The Services we offer meet the needs of a wide range of individuals with a variety of conditions, disabilities and care needs. Our multidisciplinary team comprises general practitioners, professional nurses, carers, helpers, babysitters, child carers, cleaners, first aiders and health & safety consultants, supported by practitioners specialised in community care.

Apex Academy

Being strong believers in life-long learning and continuous development, the company worked on establishing an academy to deliver on-going training to its employees and more. I...


Apex Community Care

Apex Group Ltd was launched in 2012 as Apex Community Care Ltd, with the vision of being a one-stop-shop offering care services within the healthcare industry by providing exce...


Apex Community Services

In 2016, Apex Community Services Ltd was launched and started offering a wide range of cleaning services within the community. To date, the cleaning services offered include fi...


Apex Childcare Centres

In 2013, Apex Community Care Ltd launched its first Childcare Centre, Barney’s at Fgura, with the aim of providing a healthy and safe environment in which children can de...