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Apex Community Services

In 2016, Apex Community Services Ltd was launched and started offering a wide range of cleaning services within the community. To date, the cleaning services offered include first time cleaning, deep cleaning, home cleaning, condominium cleaning, commercial/office cleaning, industrial cleaning and hospitality cleaning.

 By choosing Apex Community Services Ltd, you are choosing a tailor made service that's geared towards your needs.


First Time Home Cleaning

Whether it is due to the arrival of a new family member or simply to improve the general look of the property, any type of construction comes with a downside: left-over materials, dirt and dust everywhere, and general trash you didn’t even know was there.

Cleaning after construction or remodeling can be overwhelming and can discourage anyone from starting out on any house improvements, but there is an option that will make anyone’s construction process easier: Construction cleaning services.
There is no way contractors can finish the job without making a mess, as dust and dirt will get everywhere – even into places you least expect.

Hiring a post-construction cleaning service will help you get rid of all the mess left in hidden and open spaces in a fast and efficient way.

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