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Apex Community Care is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive community care service. The company is dedicated to providing clients with holistic professional and quality care according to their needs. Apex aims to deliver an outstanding care service, which provides, among other things ...

Phlebotomy Service

Nurses and phlebotomists are part of the growing workforce of the Apex Community Care team of practitioners, who support doctors and consultants in their busy clinic schedules. Because blood analysis is a fundamental part of medical treatment, Apex is providing a nursing/phlebotomy service in pharmacies and clinics as well as in the comfort of the individual’s home according to his/her requirements.

This service can be offered either in a hospital or clinic, or in a home, office or school setting. 

Phlebotomy services are used when an individual needs a sample of their blood, but is unable to get to hospital.  The phlebotomist visits the client at their house or office, draws the blood sample and transports it back to the laboratory for analysis.
In essence, if a person cannot make it to the phlebotomist, the phlebotomist goes to the person. 

There are several people who benefit from such an arrangement. This includes people who are restricted to their homes, such as the aged, those who are physically challenged or those who have severe illnesses. 

Mobile phlebotomy services come in handy for places like nursing homes or care centres which may find it difficult to get people to hospitals for blood tests. Individuals who need regular blood testing, like diabetics or cancer patients, may find frequent hospital visits tiresome and would call for a mobile phlebotomist. There are also individuals who have busy schedules, those who have trouble getting transportation to hospitals or those who simply want to have specimens collected in the privacy of their homes. All these are perfect clients for mobile phlebotomy.

Our phlebotomy services include the collection of blood samples from individuals. This has to be carried out carefully in a hygienic environment and all equipment used has to be sterile. Our phlebotomists also perform body measurement tests, including blood pressure, height, weight, and heart rate.

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