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Apex Community Care

Apex Community Care is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive community care service. The company is dedicated to providing clients with holistic professional and quality care according to their needs. Apex aims to deliver an outstanding care service, which provides, among other things ...

Industrial Clinic Management

At Apex Community Care Ltd we specialise in industrial and occupational health with a particular emphasis on the highest quality of care and wellness of employees working in industrial zones. Indeed, our mission statement is focused (“We Promote, Protect and Prevent….”) on triage and on the rehabilitation of work-related injuries. Industrial clinics will be managed by our dedicated professional registered nurses, and injured employees will be seen to immediately on site without any delays. All necessary emergency treatment and care will be provided so that employees can return to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Because employees spend less time at the doctor and more quality time on the job, productivity increases and hence companies and organisations remain competitive. In addition, organisations spend less on medical fees, slash lost time, reduce disability payments and have fewer litigated claims.

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