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Apex Community Care

Apex Community Care is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive community care service. The company is dedicated to providing clients with holistic professional and quality care according to their needs. Apex aims to deliver an outstanding care service, which provides, among other things ...

School Nursing

School nurses have been part of the school setting since the 1800’s where they provided school children with inspections to identify those with communicable diseases needing treatment. Overtime, their role has evolved to a new level considering that nowadays we are dealing with students with chronic diseases, mental health issues and high-risk behaviours in addition to disabilities and injuries.

Roles of a School Nurse:
  • Promoting health and safety
  • Support of healthy food programs
  • Promotion of physical education/Activity
  • Provides health counselling and assesses needs, provides interventions and refers students to appropriate channels accordingly
  • Promotes community/parent involvement in assuring a healthy school

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