The Group

Apex Group History

Apex Group Ltd strives to become a leading company in the provision of Community Services for a wide range of clients within the community.

Founders and Shareholders Aaron Axiaq and Claire Xuereb believe that all members of the community should have access to care and services which respect their privacy, dignity and independence in the comfort of their own environment, thus improving their quality of life. Apex Group Ltd was launched in 2012 as Apex Community Care Ltd, with a vision in mind: to endeavour to be a one-stop-shop offering care services within the health and care market and providing excellent holistic and professional care to meet all our clients’ requirements – the best for the communities it serves.

Apex Community Care Ltd continued to expand its services when, in 2013, it launched its first Childcare centre with the aim of providing a healthy and safe environment in which children can develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually to become creative, independent, and responsible adults who can make decisions for themselves. Till the End of the year of 2020 Apex Childcare Ltd has another 4 Childcare Centres around Malta making it 5 in total.

As Apex Community Care Ltd grew, so did the scope of the services it offered. In 2016, it launched Apex Community Services Ltd and started offering a wide range of Cleaning services within the community.

Apex Group Ltd, established in 2016 with the rebrand, started offering a wide range of services to Private Clients, Government-sponsored Clients, Contactors and Governmental Departments and establishments. Each and every service provided is tailor-made to meet one’s needs, and to cater for the vast majority of clientele.

In 2019 Apex opened a subsidary company called Apex Academy to which we offer training courses to the community. The main Topic was of Primary & Secondary Care - (First Aid). But in 2021 we are working on a framework for more than 15 New Training Programmes.